✨ Pam Selle ✨

Pam Selle is a writer, musician, and technologist. This is her homepage on the internet from where you can find other things she's up to.

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Pam has written two books, including the self-published Beyond the Resume, an opinionated guide on getting your next developer job by leveraging your network.

She writes about Philadelphia on her blog Queen of the Village.

She writes about technology on her blog Pam The Webivore.


A classically trained oboist, Pam now makes electronic music using programming, in the live code methodology. Songs (or jams) are released on beats.thewebivore.com, with source code on GitHub.


By day, Pam is a software engineer at HashiCorp, working on the Terraform Core open source team.

She is a Google Developer Expert and an alumna of the Recurse Center.