✨ Pam Selle ✨

Pam Selle (pronounced "Sell-EE") is a writer, musician, and technologist. This is her homepage on the internet from whence you may (possibly) find other things she's up to.

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Ongoing Projects

Things I'm doing that are updated fairly regularly.


Things I've made that are encapsulated (not ongoing).

  • Music: Self-titled Pam the Webivore EP (2020) of 4 mastered live code tracks.
  • Music/Film: Project Brain States (2020), created with a team of 3 collaborating over 5 days via gmail and featuring my music.
  • Web/Art: The Postcard Wall (2020).
  • Web/Art/Audio: Codachrome (2019), a web audio project created with a team at the Recurse Center.
  • Zine: Serverless zine (2018).
  • Podcast: Turing-Incomplete, which recorded 100 episodes before stopping in 2017.
  • Book: Beyond the Resume (2016), an opinionated guide on getting your next developer job by leveraging your network.
  • Web/Art: Spacetime (2014), a visualization of consellations over time, made at Hack the Universe 2014.
  • App: AdHawk (née CuiBono), "Shazam for political ads" that was later adopted by the Sunlight Foundation, but began as a team project at Random Hacks of Kindness 2011.

Community Work

Communities I facilitate or cat herd, both now and in the past.

  • Remote in Philly: Launched in 2019, to form a conversation around people who work remotely but live in the Philadelphia region.
  • PhillyDev Slack: An early member, I now volunteer on the admin team of this large online community of developers in/around Philadelphia.
  • Conference: Cofounded LibertyJS, Philadelphia's JavaScript conference, which has been running for 5+ years. I keynoted in 2017. (no longer actively involved)
  • Meetups: I was an organizer for the Philadelphia JavaScript Developers meetup for three years, going from a dozen to over 1k members. I helped with the the Serverless meetup for a year+.