For years, I've collected postcards and put them on my wall, to mark places I've been, places that inpired me, or things I just plain like. In 2018 as part of a major life reset, I moved, and I took down all the postcards. I didn't want to put them back up again, so then the question was, what to do with them?

I decided I would mail them to people, and describe where the card came from as the post card. I didn't share the project with people who might receive cards, and only told them about the larger project afterwards. In January of 2020, I sent my final card from the collection, and I wanted to find a way to share the wall with others, which you're looking at now.

I took a photo of the original wall after I'd taken some items down, so I've retroactively added back some of the cards, and sometimes covered up photographs on the wall of those who want to preserve their privacy.

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Dear Reader
Somewhere on the Internet

There are lots of things on this wall. Some of them are postcards that ended up becoming part of the Postcards to Pals project. Poke around and see what you find.

When you find a card to view, click on it to pick it up and then you'll be able to read the back by hovering over that card (or tapping on mobile). You'll also find the link to where the card was originally shared on Instagram, where cards were shared as they were sent out.

Click the close button, or press escape, to put the card back on the wall.

If you're on a smaller screen, try rotating your phone for a better experience, or view this project on a desktop.

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